Let’s Help our Disabled Vets and their families! 

 American Disabled Veterans Foundation

CFC: our Combined Federal Campaign number is 78710


 Disabled Infantry Officer,

 US Army.  Administrator.


An Air Force Veteran during Viet Nam who worked in the Aerospace Industry.

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Disabled US Navy Veteran.

Car donation only: 855-600-VETS or 855-600-8387 to DONATE A VEHICLE 

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BOARD MEMBERS VISIT MEDICAL CITY, VA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL May 16, 2016.marathon begins its run with a first step!

22 veterans die each day from suicide, which is why  our  year  round Veterans suicide referral hotline, That's why our Chaplain's Closet program and homeless vets "stand downs" get so much effort. Devote an afternoon to sending personal items overseas to our Veterans coming back from Afghanistan and connect first-hand with the injured and Disabled Veterans we help.

American Disabled Veterans Foundation provides many things for disabled veterans. 750,000 veterans nationwide are awaiting PTSD and other disability claims and the average wait is over 340 days. Some treatment is only available for veterans with 100% disability.  That is why we raised over $460,000 in physician care in one year to veterans not receiving same at the VA.  We work with American Legion Service Officers to ensure the veteran is truly needy.

Our sponsored Homeless Veterans "Stand Downs" in Dallas, Texas and other cities needs your support. Basic survival supplies, blankets, and personal hygiene items are needed. Make your contribution now please.  We also need 1,000 pints of blood and donations to process the blood with the American Red Cross. Donate now through Veterans Emergency Blood Bank!

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Help Disabled Veterans in our country and make a difference in their lives !

   American Veterans have devoted their energy, for over 200 years, to caring passionately for their own injured, needy and under-represented disabled servicemen and women. We veterans help each other, train our remaining abilities and help the families of those disabled veterans in need.  
     Since 9/11 over 2.3 million service members have been deployed. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have left us with 55,000 newly wounded veterans who need your help!  20% of returning veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are over 26,000 reported military sexual assaults and 22 Veterans will die each day from suicide unless we take action.

     Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money or time.


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